Saturday, June 16, 2018 Hello bloggers. Good to blog again. I have been busy. This is my latest song. "Grandma Tired. Getting around, and maintaining family. One thing at a time.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Used Cars

Instead of hustling and bustling for used cars, I would rather name it. My part-time job, is trying to supplement my self employment (iamob) needs a car, because I am a driver. I am a paycheck next to homeless. Hmmmmm. What next? Saturday, I had to take a bus, then a train, to a car rental, scoop up a friend, and drive to a sister state and purchase a used car. Poverty is drowning me.... I am in need of a financial blessing or two....Oan, have a tray of hot, fresh, egg rolls for those who need party perkers.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Entreprenuer Challenge

๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ‡Hello World, How are Ya? I've decided to step to the next level. In order to be profitable I must convince consumers. By the way this is my job. My bread and butter. I have things for sale which are everyday needs, and shopping for the "Wants. Contact me to figure that you just may like this.Xoxo My Latest, "Mama Walks Baby

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Vilunteers Hurry

Need a few volunteers to get going on this pretty pallet house. Want to start Now! Today,I updated this blog. I am still waiting patiently for volunteers. I have also enrolled in building school.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Natural Building Workshop

Yes. I cant wait!  The house is a tossup from 700sq ft Pallet and a 700sq ft
Strawbale Octagon. Lets get it done by Winter!  Im depending on you and your
commitment, and I am very dependable with any agreements..

I hope for this workshop to start, though I am very grateful that my minneme
and I had a fruitful wild garden, Braided fencing, info on my states zoning and
Permits, along with many more blessings. Thankyou Sigi! Elk!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Please go to my facebook page and like what I have there.  I believe you will like.  That fence was created so easily, and my colorful tents are heaven.  I want to sleep in my yard everynight, when I get there.  Need to know what ya think folks!  My Facebook page is(type in Search) Summer Yard Fun and Fencing

Summer Yard Fun and Fencing


copy and paste$tipytip

This new fencing is so easy and managable.  I created it because of the bad boys who knocked mine down.  Read it in my last blog.  God has blessed me!  Truly blessed me, and...

I am sharing with you now to find out if you like this DIY, or if you would rather buy in at the stores, at Walmart, Target, or Menards.  Please donate at my link above, so that I can prosper to fulfill consumer wants with this creation.  

and God Bless
Just to insert that 2 videos are not working, please accept this, and just imagine. I will revise this blog, just as soon as I can. Thankyou.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Iamob: The Palet

Iamob: The Palet: Hello world, when I invented "," my palet felt like a burst of starburst candies, and pop bottle rock candies....

As Well, as this business venture, "I Am My Own Boss,"  Now will be like candy too.I am a little scared, but success is always near, I will have to say....even in the darkest of hours.  Facebook has millions of my photo's that declare my times with, Getting There,

 which now has taken her place, as my favorite Hobby.  My Backyard Home, Home (building with volunteers), and many other projects are tinkering along.  My seeds are in!!!!Yeah!!!  That Garden has to come out great.  Please Pray for Me.

Though I have been sabatoged at least 15 times.  Haters have torn my 6foot fence down...He must of hit it with a Cemi!, destroyed my yards several times.  I dont know why?  My heart cries out?  I am handicapped with a bad ankle, which makes me slow as molasses.  If these vandals knew?  Well today, I went to clean a big mess a vandal dumped.  I found his mail yall.  I found him on Facebook!  I attempted to contact him, and he did not respond.  I will have to take further measures. Why would they destroy my intents to live Green?  My Yards!

 Although I love learning, and living Green, Im not perfect.  Because of disability, I have been unemployed since 2005....No One will hire Me! I believe the Job Interviewers notice my Limp when I enter, or exit interviews...very discouraging.   Disability checks do not survive me!  Being an Entreprenuer is the only way to Survive.  I must always count my blessings because I have come a long way.  In 2010 thru 2012 I wrote books about my cause, "Green Living.  I have inventions. I have a stream You Tube videos.  This is one of my favorites.

Motivations Entreprenuer

After this video, My Dear Father passed away, and Mother Passed away a week later.  It was the saddest July I had ever experienced.  Yep, July 2015.  I miss them now.  What I learned back then, was something as small as watching a seed blossom, was the best thing ever.  Those seeds, bring, promise, hope, and Renewal, for the next day, the birth of babies, the best generations, next to come. The 2 videos here may not work for you, but just imagine. I will get them revised, when funds are available.